about Fuyeor shorten

This is Fuyeor URL Shortening Service.
There are two types of service objects for fuyeor short URL:

1. other regions

Users outside China can use the fuyeor shortening service to shorten any website for free.
The Fuyeor shortening service can be shortened for free on the homepage of the a.fuyeor.com website, with unlimited time and jumps.
The disadvantage is that the number of clicks and time cannot be counted, and the shortened address cannot be customized.
If you log in, you can count the number of clicks, user distribution addresses, user device core browser information and other information.

2. within the territory of china

All users in China are prohibited from using fuyeor shortening services to shorten illegal websites according to relevant laws, regulations and policies.

3. contact fuyeor

fuyeor official support email:
Because we accept too much spam, please write #FUYEOR in the email TITLE line of your email when you need support.
Otherwise we may ignore your email.