About Fuyeor Shorten

About the Service

Abbreviate the Url of Fuyeor.Ueiby (alias: Fuyeor Shorten / Fuyeor Abbreviate).
It is a url link shortening service, the short domain name is a.fuyeor.com (where, a comes from the first letter of the English word "Abbreviate").

Rules of Use

Any website can be shortened for free with Fuyeor shorten service.
The Url shortening service can be shortened for free on the homepage of the a.fuyeor.com website, with no time limit, no limit to the number of jumps, and valid data will not be cleared. Note that:

1. Local laws and regulations must be complied with when using.
2. In the case of not logging in, if the generated short link has not been clicked within 2 years, it will be regarded as invalid data and deleted.
3. If you are not logged in, the short link can only jump, and the number and time of clicks cannot be counted, nor can you customize the domain name.

Contact Fuyeor

fuyeor official support email:
Because we accept too much spam, please write #FUYEOR in the email TITLE line of your email when you need support.
Otherwise we may ignore your email.